Eat Right Program

"How can I make my child eat?"

Do you find yourself saying these words all the time? Are meal times a real struggle at your home?  If you are concerned about your child’s eating habits then it’s important that you take a few short moments to read this page. 

Its exhausting to deal with meal time battles. I know!!!  Will things get better on their own as your child grows older? Quite unlikely! Not unless you make some important changes to how your child relates to food and eating. 

The Eat Right Program is designed to help parents and children end meal time battles. The strategy of the Program is to empower children to lay the foundation for lifelong health by making healthy food choices. Healthy food habits taught at a young age have long lasting effects on a child's eating habits as an adult. The goal of the Eat Right Program is to get children to Enjoy healthy food and healthy eating habits because when the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers! 

Babies and toddlers have growing minds and bodies. The food they eat has a direct impact on their growth. Inadequate diets that are either too high or too low in calories, as well as lacking essential minerals, vitamins and protein, may slow the development and affect their IQ.

Pediatricians believe that children who embrace good eating habits are happier, healthier, and more productive in school. Parents worry that their child's eating habits are stopping them from getting the nutrition they need to grow up healthy. But children on the other hand seem to be running away from healthy eating. Moreover the dinner table has now taken the identity of a battleground between mother and child….and mother seems to be losing the battle!  

Do you relate to this:

  • My child is a picky / fussy eater

  • My child doesn't want to eat / won't eat enough

  • My child doesn't eat vegetables

  • My child throws tantrums at dinner time
  • My child is always begging for sweets and snacks between meals
  • Mealtimes involve a lot of negotiations

  • I cook separate meals for each child to please their demands

  • My baby / child is underweight 

  • Feeding my child is a daily headache

What to expect from the Eat Right Program

  • Step by step program on how to create the changes you want in your child 
  • Simple, clear, and customized Plans to meet the demands of your child / situation
  • Meal times become relaxed and enjoyable
  • No more meal time battles 
  • Your child will open up to try new foods
  • You will learn how much, how often, and what kind of food your child needs to eat

Ready for a change?

If you are ready for a simple, straight forward, tried and tested, step by step method on how to stop meal time battles and teach your child to start having healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food, call / email me to set up an appointment. 

After understanding your problem, keeping in mind your child's age, temperament, your family’s unique set up and what your specific goals are, I will develop a customized Eat Right plan specifically for your child. 

Ajita is a graduate from the International Maternity Institute, USA, as has obtained certifications in Child Nutrition from Texas A&M University,USA. She has also enhanced her training by learning from other international experts in the field.  In addition, her training also proudly comes from her own experiences as a mother of two young children.