Pampers Dry Pants Launch

Celebrity Moms, a Child Sleep Expert & a Pediatrician


Renowned actress and celebrity mother Genelia D’Souza, made her first ever appearance as a charming mother unveiling some startling facts on a recent survey commissioned by IPSOS about the current status of diapering habits and myths surrounding it in India.  Genelia was joined by leading Baby Sleep Consultant of the country, Ms. Ajita Seethepalli ( and well-known Pediatrician, Dr. Meena Shah.

Ms. Ajita Seethepalli highlighted the importance of peaceful uninterrupted sleep in the happy healthy development of a baby and the significance of a choosing the right diaper.

Celebrity Moms (Genelia D'Souza & Shruti Seth), a Child Sleep Expert (Ajita Seethepalli)
and a Pediatrician (Dr. Meena Shah)

Image Credits: Pampers

* Research Agency IPSOS Study Highlights:

  • 99% mothers understand the connection between a dry, comfortable diaper and their baby’s sleep but an intriguing 96% mothers think that if a diaper is not leaking, it is still working.
  • 96% mothers trust only their sight or smell to change a diaper, rather than actually checking the inside of a diaper to understand if their baby is dry and comfortable .