Sleep Right Program

Your child not sleeping? Need help??

Your child does not sleep through the night? Your infant or toddler requires your constant intervention to fall asleep or return to sleep in the middle of the night. You are now exhausted and can't wait for these days of sleepless nights to end! 

I know how you feel!!!  I have been there too! The good news though, is that there IS a solution to this problem!  

Sleepless nights are one of the most frustrating parts of parenting small children. From middle of the night feedings, to kids who just don't want to sleep, there are a number of issues that leave parents red-eyed and exhausted.  The Sleep Right Program is designed to help tired parents and children to quickly end their sleep time battles. The program teaches parents how to use gentle, yet effective methods in coaching their babies to develop healthy sleep habits. Once a baby learns how to sleep and stay asleep on his own there is no turning back. It is a life skill learned forever!

The goal of the Program to provide a sleep solution for children and their parents get the sleep they need so that the waking hours are the most productive and happy ....because Happy, Healthy Children = Happy, Healthy Families!!!

Babies and toddlers require a lot of sleep each day.
When children sleep, their brain cells are working to
create pathways that enable them to learn, grow,
and think. Sleep is a necessity for them to understand
the world they are exploring by utilizing their five senses.

Moreover, sleep affects all aspects of a young infant
and child's life, including brain development and various behavioral aspects.  Lack of sleep in children acts as a
barrier to learning, feeding, and playing.  Research
now shows that it may also be the cause of certain
behavioral problems. 

You can make a difference in how your child sleeps by
giving them the tools to have healthy sleep habits for life.

Does this sound like you?

  • How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?
  • My baby wakes up 3-4 times or more at night

  • My child throws tantrums at bedtime

  • My baby only falls asleep when nursing or feeding 
  • My child needs to be rocked or bounced to fall asleep 
  • My son refuses to nap even though he is tired 
  • My child refuses to sleep in his own cot / crib
  • My own lack of sleep is starting to take a toll 
  • How can I stop bedtime battles? 

  • What is the right Child Sleep Solution for my baby?

What to expect from the Sleep Right Program

  • Sleep Right Program is a step-by-step child sleep solution
  • Each sleep solution is based on a plan that is Custom Designed for your child

  • Tailored to meet the unique needs of your baby 
  • Your child will start sleeping longer
  • You will learn how much sleep your child needs and how often & how long naps should be
  • You will start sleeping adequately and be able to perform better as a parent/partner/ professional


Ready for a change?

If you are ready to make a focussed effort with a straight forward, tried and tested, step-by-step method on how to stop sleep time battles, teach your child healthy sleep habits and get back to sleeping better as a parent then, contact me to set up an appointment. 

After understanding your problem, keeping in mind your child's age, temperament, what your goals are and your family‚Äôs unique set up, I will develop a customized Sleep Solution plan specifically for your child. Have questions?

I also specialize in the maternity related sleep issues helping mothers manage their sleep needs during pregnancy and coaching them with information needed to prepare for their baby's sleep before he or she arrives.  

Ajita is a graduate from the International Maternity Institute, USA, and has obtained certifications in Child Nutrition from Texas A&M University,USA. She has also enhanced her training by learning from other international experts in the field.  In addition, her training also proudly comes from her own experiences as a mother of two young children. Sleepsense