Handling Sleep Regressions

A Sleep Regression is thought to occur when a baby who is normally sleeping well begins to wake frequently at night and/or fights/refuses naps. The long stretches of sleep between feedings are gone.  So is the somewhat predictable sleep schedule. Instead, the baby is exhausted, fussy, and yet won’t fall asleep or stay asleep long enough. More>>>  

Swaddle Weaning

Swaddling is wonderful when babies are very young as they have the startle reflex in the initial months and swaddling them helps them feel snug and secure. It is however best if swaddling is stopped by the 4th month. Most babies will give up on the habit by themselves without any help from the parents. But if your baby hasn’t got there by 4 months of age it is best that you start to proactively teach them to slowly and gradually give up the swaddle habit. More>>>

Preparing Your Toddler for Baby #2 (Sibling Rivalry)

When I was expecting my 2nd child, my son was under 2 years old…a baby himself. While I felt much more confident about taking care of a new baby I was worried and apprehensive about how my son would deal with having a little baby around.  It is not easy for a child who has always been the center of attention to share that space with another baby. And invariably a lot of attention goes to the new baby!!  More>>>

Little Kids...Big Temper Tantrums!!!

Just yesterday, and interestingly as I was writing this blog, my son (6 years) and daughter (4 years) were happily playing a game of Snakes and Ladders.  My daughter lost the game…and then…all hell broke loose!!!   She had a meltdown - she was angry, screaming, inconsolable, and unwilling to listen to anybody.  

She was having a Temper Tantrum!!  More >>>

Sleep & Link to Diseases

There is no doubt that as parents, we understand that our babies and toddlers need lots of sleep. But I don't believe that most of us are aware of the linkages between adequate sleep and diseases.  Studies from reputed institutions including Neurologists and Physicians from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital and the National Sleep Foundation have started to establish clear linkage between the two More >>>

The Worst Food For Our Children

On television, we are bombarded with advertisements that promote tasty, healthy, low fat, low sugar, "Taste Bhi Health Bhi" food – all designed to make us feel good about our choices of food for our children.  In developed countries, over three decades of consuming an abundance of such food has only seen a dramatic rise in obesity and other health issues in the general population and especially in kids. Today we see this trend on the rise in India too.   More >>>

The Importance of Sleep in Young Children

Lack of sleep deprives children of the energy they need to be well adjusted and happy children. Dr. William Dement, Founder of the Stanford University Sleep Research Centre, found in the extensive research he has conducted, that Sleep is the single most important factor...More >>>

Tips to Create Good Sleep Habits For Your Child

Tip 3: Babies love routines. They love to have some level of predictability. This applies to their sleep and sleep methods. Inconsistencies with how you put your child to sleep at bedtime and with your responses to your child’s wakening is generally one of the root causes... More >>>

How Much Sleep Does My Child Need??

This is a very commonly asked question by parents.  Most parents I speak to underestimate how much sleep their child requires. In fact, when I tell them the number of hours their children need, they are generally shocked. Even children who fall asleep easily.... More >>>