Maternal Mental Health (specifically postpartum and perinatal depression) is a field that is not yet widely understood by mothers, families and medical professionals.  Given the experience I have had interacting with parents while they are sleep training their children, I have personally encountered many mothers and families wherein the mother is silently suffering for months on end mainly because she or her family feel they have nobody to turn to, and more often because they feel ashamed about how they are feeling.  

I believe nobody should suffer from this depression silently. It is an extremely painful experience for women when they are going through it and it can be equally difficult on the families too. I am looking forward to helping mothers and their families by guiding them through their emotions to help them reach a more peaceful and happy place.  

I am certified with Postpartum Support International and the 2020 Mom Project to help families, women especially, who are suffering from perinatal depression.

I will soon start to develop more content and information for this page.  This is an important subject for me as PPD affects not only the mother but also the little infant and when left untreated, the entire family. If you have any personal experiences to share on PPD, please feel free to reach out to me at You identity will be kept completely private and confidential. 

Thank you.