Babies and toddler require a lot of sleep each day. While a child sleeps, her brain cells are working to create pathways that enable her to learn, move and think. for her to understand the world she is exploring by utilizing her five senses. If she is not getting enough sleep, she may become cranky and will not be able to grasp what is happening around her.

  • Eat Right is an easy to follow program. As a mother, I know you have your hands full with several complex and demanding tasks so I will not add to it.
  • The Eat Right Program is a step by step program on how to create the changes you want. 
  • The program is simple, clear and will be tailored to your child and to meet the demands of your situation.
  • Meal times will become relaxed and enjoyable.
  • Meal time battles will be completely eliminated.
  • Your child's attitude towards food will become positive
  • Over time he/she will be open to try new foods.
  • Parent will learn how much, how often and what kind of food your child needs to eat. 

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