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This has been my journey so far – totally unplanned and yet so fulfilling! I look forward to learning and growing more!

I hope to be able to help you through the challenges that parenthood may be bringing your way.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Me if you would like to discuss your questions and believe I can be of help. 


Ajita Gopal Seethepalli

Parent Coach

Hi, I'm Ajita Gopal Seethepalli, a Child Sleep and Child Food Habits Consultant (based in Mumbai, India). I use behavioural coaching to help develop healthy habits in children.  Over the past 10 years, I have been living my passion and my dream of helping parents and children across the globe through concrete, customized, step-by-step solutions that are backed by science and the love of another mama so that they can reclaim their joy in motherhood! 

My journey - from successfully solving my son's sleep challenges, to professionally educating myself in the field of sleep and parenting, and developing a career helping other parents - is well captured in the article Mumbai Mirror "The Lullaby Lady".


As a Parent Coach, and given the intimate interactions, I found myself developing a strong rapport with parents, especially mothers. In the process, I often became a sounding board for moms who were silently battling and suffering the harmful effects of Postpartum Depression or Anxiety. Given the limited awareness in India on Maternal Mental Health, most of them were unfortunately suffering in silence! So, I decided to also educate myself in Counselling and Psychotherapy and since 2016 my world grew to include Women’s Mental Health.

I have been fortunate to help thousands of Parents.  What I am particularly proud of, in addition to the heartfelt Love Letters I have received, is that most of my clients come to me through referrals.


  • Certified Child Sleep Consultant - International Parenting & Maternity Institute 

  • Member International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

  • Member of Association of Professional Sleep Consultants 

  • PCI College (Ireland)

  • Certified Postpartum Depression Coach

  • Trained Reiki Master & Chakra Healer 


In Pictures

From being a Mother (still my most important and favorite part of life)...to becoming a Child Sleep Consultant, a Child Behavior Consultant, and a Women's Maternal Mental Health Coach.

It has been a joyous ride!!

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Tel: +91 99 5852 2115

Email: Ajita.Gopal@gmail.com

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