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During the past 10 years, I have received several 100 heartfelt Love Letters that make me feel good about the work I am doing and the small role that I am playing in bringing back joy in families. 


Sleep right Love Letters

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Aakshi & Aakash Chopra, Mumbai 

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Roshini, Bangalore

Ajita has been nothing short of a lifesaver for us. We thought we knew all the tricks of sleep training after educating ourselves through various books/blogs but the fact that our son still wasn’t sleeping well was extremely exasperating. After months of our son waking many times at night, we finally reaching our wit’s end and accepted that we need to get help. Let’s just say, our lives completely changed after working with Ajita! There were so many tiny things that we didn’t realise were affecting his sleep! What we really loved was how Ajita customised her sleep program according to our needs. Cry-it-out sleep training is tough and we were extremely relieved when Ajita offered us a gentler option. With Ajita’s tools it was much easier than we expected. Also having her support on our side as we went through the whole process really helped us follow this through. After just 3 days, our son was falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night without waking up even once! We actually couldn’t believe it. We were shocked beyond words and called all of our new parent-friends to tell them about this revelation. We remain forever grateful to Ajita for giving us and our beautiful boy… the desperately needed control over sleep. We feel like we won the lottery.  Thank you Ajita!

Raghu Ram & Natalie, Mumbai 


My son was 18 months when I connected with Ajita for sleep training. When I called Ajita, I was a desperate, sleep deprived, exhausted mom wanting my baby to get some quality sleep at night and get some sleep myself too.  I got to know about this sleep program while I was researching it on the internet. I had tried sleep training before based on what I had read online but we had failed miserably. It ended up with sleepless nights with no improvement in my son's sleep habits.

Just speaking to Ajita made me feel so positive. She is so calm and listens carefully to understand your baby's habits. She is not someone who will just give you some predesigned set of steps to follow. She will try to understand the overall growth, behaviour, eating habits etc of your child and design the overall program for your child. She is awesome to say the least. I was amazed at how quickly my son responded to the changes she had suggested. Just from the second night, we started seeing improvements. But frankly there will be good nights and bad nights during this process, but you have to hang in there and have confidence in your child. They really suprise us with how fast they can learn. During this process, not only did my son's sleep improve, his diet also improved tremendously.   Thanks Ajita !!
Samina B, 

A couple who are our dear friends took the 'sleep' of faith with their year-old son and my friend told me in typical plain-speak ‘Do it, it will change your life! You will bless me!’  Today, we bless them. As we do Ajita.   The most important aspect was ‘trusting the process’. Ajita is an expert. She knows what she is doing. Her expertise & experience enable her to see things that we cannot and with clarity & accuracy that is very reassuring to parents. You can unhesitatingly place your child’s sleep in her very able hands.  Coming to the raison d’etre of this experience – Shaira. She now sleeps through the night and we have seen a clear spurt in her growth. A well-rested child is a sponge and Shaira is currently soaking in all experiences and surprising us every day with her progress.

Ravi Luthria, Mumbai


I have worked with Ajita for both my children. I thought after sleep training my first born I would naturally get it right with the second baby but both of them are totally opposite personalities and temperaments and threw totally different challenges at me. My daughter was sleep trained when she was 18 months old and my second, my son I just trained at 7 months. Ajita is super kind, caring and one of the most professional people I have met. Her methods for both my children were very different but both worked like a charm. Ajita is our angel, we mention her to all parents we meet and we know many of our friends who have the same experience as us. Ajita, keep doing the fantastic work you do!!!

Sanam, Dubai


When I contacted Ajita my 1.5 year old toddler was still breastfeeding multiple times at night(5-6). He would wake up anywhere between 5-10 times and sometimes more on bad nights and would not settle without a feed. I was at wits end and Ajita was like a magician.

I had tried all books, internet articles, friends advice & the works - nothing seemed to be helping me successfully wean him and have him sleep through the night.

Ajita was so patient to hear me out - her pre-appointment forms are detailed and she gives importance and attention to each child as they are all unique. Her belief in me gave me so much strength and combined with her knowledge in this field. She helped me successfully wean him in a WEEK! and his waking became considerably less. She really changed my life in 2 weeks.

Grateful from my heart.

Neha J, Kolkata 


Our son Abir was a troubled sleeper from day 1. At 7 months he wasn't going through any physical problems, as we confirmed from multiple doctors. We also tried everything well wishers suggested, including rocking him to sleep, making him sleep with us, without us, establishing a routine, refusing him sleep during the day, and so on. Nothing worked. We were clueless and had resigned to fate, but it was getting difficult for us emotionally. A full work day and sleepless nights for seven months was taking a toll and we had dark circles and a constant sense of doom and guilt whenever it was time for him to sleep.

I had read about sleep consultants and found Ajita on Google. I didn't expect such services in India and we immediately called her to see if she could help us. The first session with her was amazing - for the first time I felt someone understood my issues and didn't dismiss them - as relatives usually did with a "oh you guys complain about everything, we raised you just fine". She was patient, she heard us and took intricate notes, and gave us a detailed plan.

We started implementation right away. I will be honest - it is probably not everyone's cup of tea. We questioned ourselves often and wondered if we were bad parents for letting him self soothe. We had arguments. We had half a mind to go back every night. Regardless, we tried as we knew nothing else was helping him.

The results were astonishing. He sang and soothed himself to sleep. He started doing it consistently. For the first time in months we slept at a stretch. But most importantly, he seemed so much better rested and happier. We started looking forward to sleepy time as it had become happy time.

Ajita was instrumental to making all this work. I know that there are 100 sleep plans and books available online and it might seem tempting to try one on your own. However, having a sleep consultant is critical. When your child is crying, the best and most logical of us will falter. Ajita communicated with us everyday and cleared all our doubts, reassured us, and showed us the much needed big picture. We went from being tired, irritable, and worried to calm and clear headed. I think it also taught us to be better parents, as we had the courage to take a decision to help our child in the longer term while bearing the unpleasant first two weeks.

I highly recommend speaking to her if you want any advice. She will not only listen to you and give you advice, but will also help you through implementation. Most importantly, she will be there for you and your baby when you're surrounded by self doubt. 5/5 for our experience with her! 

Surya M, Bangalore


I would like to thank Ajita from the bottom of my heartAjita's support and expertise were remarkable and so worth it – because the entire family is finally sleeping soundly through the night. We noticed positive, lasting results immediately. Within 2 nights, we had eradicated the early / night wakings. Within 4 nights, our daughter was sleeping right on target. The overnight sleep and naps fell into place.

We’re all so much happier and healthier and our daughter is just leagues better. She’s learning and growing and having so much fun.

Ajita you are a magician! I really appreciate all the help and guidance you gave us to get us here. We are so thrilled with how successful this has been and how much it’s changed our parenthood experience!

​I recommend your consultation very highly and I wish I had done it sooner.​

Dr. Dhruti & Amit Chavan, Mumbai 


My son had trouble sleeping for longer stretches. The max he would sleep was 1-2 hours. I kept waiting it out thinking he would get better as he gets older but I was wrong. It just got worse where he started waking up within 45 mins. The numerous night wakings were taking a toll on us both mentally and physically. At 12 months he used to wake at least 7 -8 times every night. I was against sleep training because I was only aware of the cry-it-out method, but thankfully my friend recommended Ajita. I am so so thankful! She understood my concerns and customized a plan accordingly. It was amazing to see results within a week. His night wakings were reducing and in a month it reduced to just twice and now after 1.5 months he sleeps through the night. A feat that was just unimaginable.  Thank you Ajita for the wonderful service that you do for sleep deprived parents. Grateful for all the help and support."  

Shruthi, Toronto, Canada


I came across Ajita’s site on a  night when I had just rocked my 9 month old boy back to sleep around the fifth time for that night and it was just about 10 pm and the night was going to be a long sleepless one for us. I am so glad that I got in touch with her. Ajita is a thorough professional. She is extremely patient, positive, reassuring and has a solution for every situation. The customised sleep plan has worked very well for us and our boy is now transitioned to his crib in our room and sleeping through the night most nights or waking up once sometimes. Putting him to sleep for naps and bedtime is now stress free. We couldn’t imagine reaching here a few months back when we were waking up 15-20 times in a night. There were some tough days and nights when we felt like giving up, however it was Ajita’s understanding, support and reassurance which saw us through it. I would highly recommend her service to parents facing any kind of sleep issue with their child.

Thank you Ajita for helping my husband and me have our evenings back.

Bhashini S


A friend recommended Ajita to us and I dread to think where we'd be if she hadn't. Our daughter was a great sleeper for the first 12 weeks and then woke up. It seemed like she never wanted to sleep properly again. Ajita's kindness and her practical help and support made implementing good routines and settling habits much easier. Our daughter resisted at first, but Ajita helped us to persist and now our little one sleeps through the night from 7pm to 6am - something we could only have dreamed of when we started, if we'd been able to sleep long enough to dream! 

The MacAskills, London


I have worked with Ajita for both my children. I thought after sleep training my first born I would naturally get it right with the second baby but both of them are totally opposite personalities and temperaments and threw totally different challenges at me. My daughter was sleep trained when she was 18 months old and my second, my son I just trained at 7 months. Ajita is super kind, caring and one of the most professional people I have met. Her methods for both my children were very different but both worked like a charm. Ajita is our angel, we mention her to all parents we meet and we know many of our friends who have the same experience as us. Ajita, keep doing the fantastic work you do!!!

Sanam, Dubai


Working with Ajita has been our utmost pleasure, we are parents of a 7 month old and were having severe issues with sleep and naps.

we were exhausted, as parents, we were unhappy and displacing the sleep deprivation and frustration on our older child too. since after putting baby down after walking, rocking and singing for hours , we would get respite only for short periods of time ranging form 15 mins to good days of 45 mins.

I think also as Indian parents we are not inclined to believe that babies develop sleep issues and that we must solicit professional help to resolve it. I for one was refusing to accept and thought that as the baby grew older he would learn to sleep on his own.

 but i am certain that there are so many parents going through this and are in dire need of help.

I had in the past read up on the internet, tried several sleep training methods on my own, to absolutely no avail.  When I read reviews of parents telling me that their child started to sleep through the night within the first few days of sleep training, I didn't think it was the truth. For how were it to be possible when a baby wakes 6-7 times at night and then suddenly fall asleep for 6 hours at the stretch.

So here comes our saviour Ajita, firstly, she is a true professional where firstly she does not lay judgement of how we all got to the point where we were.  She devotes hours to understand the baby, the routine (or the lack of) the habits, and of course the problem areas. Ajita, also understands what methodology we would like to try as parents. we chose a longer but gentler process of not total cry it out and being present in the room with the baby. She listens, guides, make a programme that works with the conditions we have at home, our sleeping arrangements, presence of help at home, family setup . All of this considered she creates a plan that works for the entire family.  

Yes its hardwork, but if I may say so - you wont believe it - the baby did sleep 7 hours at the stretch on night 2.  we have come to. a point where baby is self soothing, able to fall asleep on his own and only wakes twice a night, once for feed and also falls back asleep on his own.

I think this is the best decision we took for our baby, our family and our mental health too ! each of us get a good night sleep and have a happy, mostly rested baby ! I am only full of gratitude, and Ajita has been most attentive, patient and open to answering all our queries. 

I would highly highly recommend all parents struggling  to come forth. this will change your life for the better !  thank you Ajita! we will be eternally grateful.

​Hema Bhagwan, Gurgaon


Its normal - you need to forget about your sleep till they turn 2-3 years" was a common phrase we'd heard from many relatives and friends. We'd almost come to a conclusion that "guess that's the way it is", until we discovered the Ajita's Sleep Right program was an eye-opener for some much needed shut-eye; for both us and our son. Her program and schedule worked wonders for us and she hand-held and helped us very patiently whenever we needed guidance and support. Thanks to Ajita, our son is now able to sleep longer and we're getting more time for ourselves.

 Ajita, we believe you are doing a great job, helping parents sail through those challenging first few years. We have learnt a lot from you and are extremely thankful.

Sushma & Vishwas, Bangalore


I toyed with the idea of sleep training my daughter from the age of 5 months till she was 21 months. I may have called Ajita with enquires at least 5 or 6 times during those months. I kept reading stuff online and on mommy groups and always sat on the fence unsure if I wanted to sleep train or not. Eventually I gave in and signed up for Sleep Right Program and Thank god for that!!

I have only one advice for all mommies - please dont wait like me. Sleep train early so both you and your child don't struggle for long. And when you train with Ajita, she will not let you down. After sleep training I have now signed up for the food habits program, and its been 2 weeks and I see so much progress even though we are not at the final goal point yet. Ajita thank you for bringing peace and order into our lives! We are forever grateful!

Mithila G, Mumbai


Where do I start...Ajita is an angel! With her help I could pass the tunnel which had no light. My son at 11 months was waking up every 1.5 hour and used to take close to 45 mins to go back to sleep. It was exhausting, tiring and I felt it was never ending. Then i thought of consulting Ajita. How I wish I would have done that earlier. She made a customised Sleep Right Plan. She encouraged me that you can help your son for his betterment and your own sanity. She was there at every point to help and guide. She is a magician who knows how to turn things around with her knowledge, expertise, care and empathy. In a months time my son who used to wake up 4-5 times a night started sleeping through the night and that too on his own. It was nothing less of a miracle for us. Now even after one year since the training, my son sleeps on his own and sleeps through the night. I recommend every parent who is going through sleepless nights to consult Ajita immediately. I can never thank you enough, Ajita. Forever indebted!!!

H Mehta, Ahmedabad


Dear Ajita, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for guiding us and supporting us through out the entire sleep right program.

Not only have you helped us in sleep training, but also dealing with tantrums, emotions and PPD. You have given me a lot of tips on parenting and making my daughter ready to face the world independently.  I found you to be warm, empathatic and above all logical.

Much thanks to you for being who you are and doing what you do. I only wish I had started this program much earlier, besides that I have no regrets and looking back from here on. I hope that together we (Nyra and I), are able to Sleep Right and Sleep Tight.

Divya S, Mumbai


I am so glad I opted for the Sleep Right Program. With my 10 month old waking up every 2hrs I never thought I would be able to sleep again but Ajita Mam has helped me a lot. Now my baby sleeps a lot better and for longer hours. Earlier I was so frustrated and tired all the time but after the program everything has become way way better.

Thank u Mam. U are like an angel. My baby sleeps well and so I have got my sleep time back too. Thank u so much.

Preeti, Shimla


At first, my husband & I were a little skeptical approaching a Sleep Counsellor. 'Who consults someone for sleep? You just figure it out over time' were our sentiments and those of the elders at home. Finally, a friend recommended Ajita & we decided to give it a shot and it proved to be a step in the right direction!

Ajita has been of tremendous help and value in our journey as parents. We were struggling with our child's sleep habits - and with Ajita's reassuring and firm words of wisdom, we managed to bring about a very positive change. Ajita has been a source of encouragement, knowledge and guidance for us.

I would encourage all parents to reach out and get the right guidance and advice if they are facing issues regarding sleep.  We wish Ajita all the very best in her endeavours.

Pooja M, Mumbai


Ajita's a magician! At 9 months my son used to wake up every 1.5-2 hrs and wouldn't go back to sleep unless he was fed. Also, he would only sleep for a total of 8 hrs through the night. After following the program for a month he now sleeps for 11 hrs in the night and wakes up only once for a feed and at times he just sleeps through the entire 11 hrs. Even putting him to sleep is a pleasure now because he is happy to go to bed unlike before the program where putting him to sleep was such a dreaded task!!!

Ajita has helped me understand my baby so much better. My husband and I have got our evenings back and after a good night's sleep I can give my baby more quality time during the day and for this I am so grateful to Ajita!! Thanks for all the help!

Name Withheld, Chennai 


I enlisted Ajita's help because our 1.5 year old had fallen into a habit of waking up every 45-90 minutes and ONLY I needed to settle him back to sleep - sometimes with the help of a bottle, sometimes by patting and lying close to him! This was a pattern since almost when he was 6-7 months old. It was slowly beginning to get to me and also worrying me as I could not see any end to this situation! Ajita with her sleep plan, reined things back in with a definite plan that I felt comfortable with and it worked within DAYS. I couldn't believe I was soon sending her updates that he slept on his own and for almost 10-11 hours at night!

Ajita has a very confident and calming presence and a sense of humour that gets you through that first rough part! I would recommend Ajita to any mom who is at their wit's end and ready to make a change! Thank so much !!!

Divya, Chennai


We were having a tough time getting our 9-month old daughter to fall asleep on her own and stay asleep for more than an hour or two at a stretch.  At wits end, we desperately sought out solutions and were most fortunate to stumble upon Ajita online.  We decided to give the Sleep Right Program a shot and we could not have been happier.  Ajita spent a lot of time with us to understand our concerns and came up with a wonderful, systematic and detailed plan to help our daughter sleep better.  And it worked fabulously. 

In all the follow up sessions, Ajita was an amazing support and kept reassuring us whenever we felt a little lost.  It was only with her support and guidance that we have gotten the confidence we need, and reached this far.  Our daughter is a far far better sleeper, and only wakes up when she needs to be nursed.  I’m sure soon enough she’ll be sleeping through the night.  Having learned to sleep better, we have also seen her grow leaps an bounds, mentally and physically, and suddenly does so many new things.  Thank you so much Ajita, we will never forget your support!

Rachita D


Our son was always a very bad sleeper from birth. By 4 months he was waking up every 2 hours and had to be nursed back to sleep. With time it got worse and at around 5.5 months he started waking up every 45 minutes to nurse! His daytime naps were terrible too. He had 30-40 minute naps and for that I had to spend an equal or longer amount of time rocking, singing, dancing him to sleep. Lack of sleep made him clingy, cranky and crying all day long. All this started affecting my mental and physical health too! After almost 5.5 months of no sleep I was SO desperate when someone recommended Ajita to me on a Facebook mommy group. Ajita took us systematically through our sleep plan step by step, clearing all doubts and preparing us thoroughly. It was really reassuring talking to her. The plan really worked wonders and I couldn’t believe what a pleasure it became to put my son to sleep!

I was in awe and disbelief watching him self-soothe and settle himself to sleep. My back and joints were thanking me for all the rocking I didn’t have to do anymore! Although he didn’t magically start sleeping through the night, he woke up maximum of 3-4 times in a span of 12 hours now. His daytime naps have improved dramatically and I can just see the positive change in his overall behaviour and development.

I’m so thankful to have found Ajita and I cannot stop recommending her to anybody who needs help with their child’s sleep ☺

Sunetra & Gokul M


Firstly I would like to thank you for giving our family so many

peaceful and blissful nights without having to wake every two hours not knowing what to do.

When I first heard of sleep training I wasn't sure. How can I sleep train my son? Isn't it normal for children not to sleep through the nights till two years of age? These were the thoughts constantly running through my mind.

I am so so glad I made that call to you. I can't thank you enough for all your patience, guidance and support that helped me overcome my fears and help my son become an independent sleeper. Thank you once again Ajita for making me achieve my goal and bringing some meaning to my everyday phrase, "good night baby, sleep well!"

Amishi G, Mumbai


Our baby was 8 months when we started the programme and he’d gone from sleeping through the night at 3 months, to waking up every hour again by 6 months. The quickest way to get him back to sleep was by bringing him into bed with us and feeding him, so we were all exhausted. When Ajita first gave us our plan, I was very nervous to make the changes and worried we would all end up in tears! However, in just 3 nights he was sleeping through again in his own bed. He now falls asleep by himself very happily at both bedtime and nap time and sleeps through every night for 11 hours, which feels like nothing short of a miracle. We all wake up refreshed and happy in the mornings, ready to play!  Huge thanks to Ajita for all her help and support - my only regret is that we didn’t find her a couple of months earlier!

Emily & Abhishek, New Delhi


Meeting Ajita has made us better parents. Her expertise helped us remove a serious pain-point in our family life. Her guidance allowed our son to become a self-soothing child, and we know he is healthier as a result. Ajita is generous with her time and really does know what she’s doing. As someone who prefers reading over listening, I was pleased that she has great proficiency in written English. I’m quite sure we’ll be seeking her help time and again as we raise our child.

Name Withheld, UAE


Ajita's help with sleep training our 13 month old has been nothing short of a miracle. 

My husband and I were always aware of the sleep training concept, but I was a little unsure about it since I felt that we would have to torture a 'helpless' baby in order to sleep peacefully ourselves. However little Kabir seemed to have a mind of his own viz a viz sleep  it would be a nightmare to try and get him to sleep at night. And even after he slept, he would wake up every hour and a half throughout the night and would go back to sleep only after a feed. Everyone around us told us with a sigh that that was how it was going to be for the next 3 years of our lives! The turning point came when I started realizing that I was doing the poor baby NO favour by stubbornly carrying on with this schedule or lack of it rather. He was not getting adequate sleep at night and over time it started effecting his personality during the day as well - he would be constantly cranky due to this accumulated sleep deprivation. Thats when out of desperation we reached out to Ajita. 

I have to be honest - when I first read her schedule for Kabir, I was like 'Yeah right.. there's no way this baby is going to follow this schedule'!! It seemed counter intuitive as well - how could we give dinner to a 13 month old and put him to sleep at 7pm and expect him to last out till 6 in the morning?!! Added to that was the fact that I wanted to wean him off breast feeding AND put him in his cot in his own room - It all seemed like too big a mountain for us as a family to cross. I have to admit the first couple of nights were tough - but the only reason I didn't throw in the towel then and there, was that Ajita was giving words of wisdom. The entire 'ordeal' lasted all of 3 days - after which Kabir started sleeping the nights - just like that!! 

Our lives have not been the same since - He's tucked in and asleep by 8 -8.15 every night leaving the evenings for us to do as we like. Our social lives are back and all of us are so much happier as a result. Best of all, little Kabir is his normal smiling angelic self again. I would recommend Ajita to every parent - just stick it out and don't lose hope - you'll reach the light at the end of the tunnel before you know it!

Lakshmi & Rahoul, New Delhi


By the time my son Raj turned 9 months, I was exhausted and depressed. We introduced our baby to a pacifier at 2 months because of sleep troubles. The paci helped for a month or so and after that we suffered again. My cousin was repeatedly asking me to contact Ajita ji for months but I was actually scared that she would tell me off. Everyone I spoke to kept telling me I am not trying hard enough. Months of bad sleep had made Raj very cranky all the time, he would not eat his food properly and I was totally fed up. I didn’t realise this then but I was also quite depressed at that time. My husband noticed it but I didn’t.

The day I called Ajita for an appointment (very nervously), within the first few minutes, I broke down into bits. She is the kindest, sweetest person and extremely knowledgeable person you will talk to. Mind you she is very strict when it comes to correct implementation of the plan 😊. My son got sleep trained in 12 days. I also want to mention that she counselled me for my Post Partum Depression and as mothers we are very important members of our families so I highly recommend mothers to seek help for themselves too.  The counselling really helped me with my confidence as a parent and an individual. Today my son is 1 year old and I want to express my deepest gratitude to Ajitaji for bringing back sleep, happiness and peace in our lives. Thank you! 

Rennu P, Mumbai


We started the Sleep Right program for our baby at 10 months. She'd always been a terrible sleeper and was becoming increasingly difficult as she grew older. The physical strain was bad enough: I had to breastfeed her almost on the hour and one of us had rock her to sleep till our shoulders hurt. Plus, I was stressing because her total sleep was coming up way too short.   I'd been ready to sleep train at 6 months, had read all the books and knew what we had in theory. Putting it into practice was another story though. I was worried that my baby was too old, especially because she was becoming more mobile. 

From our very first session with Ajita, we felt that she'd see us through. And she did. Having Ajita tailor-make a plan is what gave us the confidence. And the fact that you can troubleshoot whenever.  We were shocked at how soon she slept on her own!  Now my baby is clocking a very healthy 14-15 hours. It's truly the best thing in the world.

Natasha, Delhi


Ajita was wonderful! We contacted her when our second child, Maia, was around 7 months old. Ajita was super patient over the phone consultation, really listened to our problems, and was very flexible around our slightly unique needs. We were traveling across continents this past summer when we consulted her and with changing time zones along with a challenging baby, our situation posed quite a problem. But Ajita totally based her plan according to our needs and accounted for jet lags and other such situations. Also, she structured the plan according to Maia's age, which was wonderful! Several months on, Maia is now 15 months old, and she wakes up maximum of once a night, usually when she is ill. Other than that she sleeps well, sleeps in her cot, and we really have Ajita to thank for this unimaginable situation. Thanks Ajita!

Akanksha, USA


There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Ajita and the help she provided with my 4 year old son's sleep issues. I started implementing the child sleep solution for him very late due to personal issues, but I'm glad I decided to do it! He now sleeps 11-12 hours through the night, even goes to the bathroom by himself and then goes back to bed on his own. Ajita was there for me every step of the way, even on nights when I could hear my son screaming in the other room. She was extremely professional and easily available.

I recommend any parent who is in dire need of a good night's sleep, to get in touch with Ajita immediately! Thanks so much again :)

Arpita, Bangalore


Ajita has really helped us in sleepy training our daughter. She customizes the program for every child and sets up a desirable routine which has to be strictly followed. She is also very responsive during the sleep training program and suggested effective modification based on child's response to the sleep training. We did it and we are very happy with the results.  I am glad that we have such professional's help and guidance that makes our and our baby's life much better. Thank you so much.

Anjana J, Mumbai


Our baby was 8 months when we started the sleep solution and its changed our lives.  Armaan sleeps through the nite and naps like a baby!   He would wake up 4-5 times a nite and I had to either rock him or put him in bed with me.  He now sleeps on his own, in his bed, and throughout the night.  For me, this is a miracle. We are all sleeping at last. 

Swati , Gurgaon


Thank You so much. You really put in great effort to develop a plan for my daughter Rhea. Your system is well explained and obviously well researched and has worked wonders in our house.  Getting Rhea to change her sleep habits and patterns was not as difficult as we imagined it might be.  Thanks again for your help. Many thumbs up to you!  

Varun & Aparna, Vashi


Wish I had tried this sooner!!!!!! As we speak, my little Rahul is fast asleep in his crib - and has been sleeping since 8 pm.  My husband and I are so pleased to get the evenings back to ourselves again...thanks for making that happen for us. And most important Rahul seems happier now that he is getting a good night’s sleep!! 

Like you say Happy baby, happy family.   

Divya C., Delhi


You listened to the challenges we were having getting our daughter to sleep, and patiently answered our many many questions! The reality is that we were skeptical at first, but once we implemented your Sleep plan there was no looking back. What I was most impressed about is how you designed your strategies specifically for us keeping all our requirements in place...and we did have a few of them. The best part is we saw positive results within a week! That was a real surprise! Thank

you Ajita!!  

Roopa, Mumbai


We are now into the 2nd month and right from the very beginning he is sleeping 11-12 hours without any trouble through the night!  Occasionally when he wakes up crying at night, it doesn't even last 10 seconds and he puts himself back to sleep.  This to me is simply amazing.  It was so difficult for me to get a good night sleep the first 6 months...but now I am able to get 8 hours of sleep every night, and feel fresh and energetic in the morning and can actually perform at the office.  Thank you! Thank you!

Preeti G, Gurgaon


Getting him to bed is so much fun now and definitely easy. No fuss, no crying, no waking up in the middle of the night. Your plan and suggested routine was so helpful and I was able to start to see results within one week. Great job! 

Renu K, Hyderabad


I’ve been really impressed with Ajita. She has been very professional, responsible, and reliable with her recommendations and service. I never thought my 13 month daughter would be able to sleep for longer than an hour without me by her side. After working with Ajita, my daughter falls asleep on her own. I couldn’t be happier to see results so quickly especially after so many months of struggle.   

Alicia, Gurgaon


My 4 year old was still not sleeping through the night, crying, getting scared at nights...and I was exhausted and expecting our 3rd child, so I had to do something because everything I had tried didn't work...Ajita gave me a detailed, step by step approach for what to do.  The first few nights were tough, but my son responded within 3 nights.  He is now sleeping through the night and he and I are so much more rested.  I feel as long as you are committed to the process, it will work.  I wish I had done this so much earlier.  

Sima G, Gurgaon


Ajita's effort is commendable in terms of the specific plan she developed for my husband and I, the time she spent to explain things to us, follow up regularly, and encourage us to stay committed. We are glad we stuck with things because our daughter (15 months old) is now joy to be with at bed time.  She sleeps on her own and throughout the night.  Thank you Ajita. 
Tara, Pune


Thanks a lot for making our lives comfortable.  Our sessions really made my parenting journey more joyful. It was wonderful experience with you

Dr. Thripthi, Kerala


Thank you so much for your support and for replying to my every distress messages. I wish I had learnt about you earlier. Never too late, it was my pleasure to have known you.  I would definitely recommend you to every mother struggling to get some sleep :).

Hope I can still contact you in future whenever I face unsolved challenges of my daughter.
Navya, Bangalore


Ajita is amazing! Working with her has been the best thing I have done for my son. She helped to work out the best plan for my son and was incredibly supportive, kind and responsive throughout.  My 8 month old was waking up every two hours at night and naps were too short . By the fourth night of the plan my son had started to settle himself, goes down easily and without any reliance on sleep props. He's now sleeping 10-11 hours with 1-2 short wake ups and takes two long naps. He's a happy and well rested baby . I'm so thankful to have found her and would highly recommend her services & sleep solutionto any parent in need of sleep.  

Ajita you're awesome. Thank you, thank you, we love you !!!
Sukhman, Gurgaon


It was almost 11 months our baby "Aahana" was not sleeping throughout the night. She used to wake up after every 2 hours. And all she wanted is bottle with milk. We were exhausted, almost tried every stupid thing suggested by everyone to make her sleep.   We came to know about Ajita from internet and were really impressed by reading testimonials. We approached her hoping that this miracle would happen to us.  Ajita gave us really nice Child Sleep Solution program, wasn't that difficult to implement.   Ajita is not only thoroughly professional but she will keep you motivated when u start thinking that you could not do more. After implementing her program, Aahana has regained her sleep.  

Moreover we all are having a good sleep. Every morning Aahana wakes up with a big smile and that smile makes us feel that Ajita isn't lesser that god for us.
Tejaswini, Pune


When I contacted Ajita maam my son was 7 months old and I had decided to resign from work. My maternity leave was ending but my baby was still nursing every hour at night and so many times in the day also. Putting her to sleep seemed to be what I was doing all the time and unsuccessfully. My mother and mother in law who were going to help me with my baby were both too scared because my baby would cry very loudly and take too long to calm down if I didnt attend to her in seconds.

When I told my boss about my decision to resign, he referred me Ajita maam. Both side grandparents were involved in the training and Ajita maam even did the entire session in pure Hindi for us as my mother and mother in law dont speak English. That was really nice...because both grandmothers felt encouraged and were totally sold on sleep training. 

Today I am typing this on my way to is my second week and I miss my baby terribly but when it comes to sleep, he is beautifully sleep trained. He goes to sleep at 830 pm and I wake him up at 730 am to hang with him a little bit before going to work. Interestingly he chose to stop nursing at night even though I was willing to continue...straight 11 hours...its amazin!.

Thank you Ajita maam. As my MIL says you are our farishta :)

​The Malhotra Family, Mumbai


Ajita was extremely helpful in providing me recommendations to help my 8-month old son sleep. I read a book previously when he was 6 months old and tried to implement the method. It didn’t help me and he couldn’t learn how to sleep. Then, it was Dec-Jan, so I waited until February to contact Ajita. It is a straightforward process to set-up an appointment and pay the money. She is available on time by video or phone call. She provided an overview of what she thinks needs to change for my son. Given that sleep is not just sleep but dependent on activities through the day, she provided some recommendations. I gladly implemented them and started teaching him how to sleep. In my case, naps were the easiest to implement and night sleep was harder. He was well-trained in naps in 3-4 days but night sleep took 2 full weeks. She has a follow-up call with you once you are a few days into the process and is available everyday too – by email – to answer questions. She is a positive experience and a very wonderful person. I highly recommend Ajita to any one even giving it a slight thought. Go for it – you will not regret it!

​Karunya, Pune


Thanks Ajita, you have been a saviour. I consulted you when Vihaan was 5 months old and today at 8 months he sleeps straight 11 hours, from 7 pm to 6 am. I could finally find a life post your sleep training session and am able to schedule his daily naps a lot better. Strongly recommend everyone to sleep train their kids early. And thanks for the guidance throughout our plan. Truly grateful.   

​Madhur, Hyderabad


Ajita and her sleep training method has surely changed our lives and we feel it is one of the best things we have done for our daughter. 

After months of sleepless nights we decided to contact Ajita. She was very clam and knows how to deal with anxious parents. We fixed the night sleep almost immediately and by the 3rd night our daughter was sleeping the whole night. The day naps where a bit difficult to setup but we got them sorted after a few weeks. 

Thank you for all the tips and the late night messages !

Sanchita R


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