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Women's Mental Health Counselling

As Women's Coach Mental Health, I work with Mothers who are dealing with issues including Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression.


Anxiety & Depression

You dreamed that you would be a happy and loving and involved mother! And while you don't have any regrets (or maybe you do), the experience of motherhood has caught you by surprise!

It could be that you feel so lonely despite the fact you are never alone. Its possible that you have a loving husband or maybe you are even surrounded by a supportive family, but you are still feeling so lonely! 


The idea of participating in activities that once brought a smile to your face now seem like a chore - and as such, you are struggling to find things that make you happy.  


Or perhaps you are constantly worrying about things going wrong . It seems like your mind is constantly occupied with one concern or another.  Maybe there is lack of feeling of true support from your own mother or family members. 

Or may be you have no clue why you are feeling like this!

Whatever the case, I want you to remember This:

- You are not a bad person for how you are feeling!! It is normal.Really it is!!

- You are not alone! Many mothers feel this way!

-You deserve to feel seen and heard. Don't beat yourself up! 

Post Partum Depression Counselling, Mumb
Women's Mental Health Coach


Ajita Gopal Seethepalli

Women's Mental Health Coach

Maternal Mental Health (specifically postpartum and perinatal depression) is a field that is not yet widely understood by many in India.  Given the experience I have had interacting with parents while they are sleep training their children, I have personally encountered many mothers and families wherein the mother is silently suffering for months on end mainly because she or her family feel they have nobody to turn to, and more often because they feel ashamed about how they are feeling.  

This is an important subject for me as Postpartum Depression (PPD) affects not only the mother but also the little baby and when left untreated, the entire family.  I believe nobody should suffer from this depression silently. It is an extremely painful experience for women when they are going through it and it can be equally difficult on the families too.  Counselling offers strategies to combat these challenges.

I have obtained certification in Counselling and Psychotherapy from PCI college, Ireland, focusing on REBT methods of Counselling.  I am also certified with Postpartum Support International and the 2020 Mom Project that helps families, women especially, who are suffering from PPD.

I am also an Reiki Master and Chakra Healer and use the healing modality when requested by the client. 

Women's Metal Health Coach
Ajita Seethepalli - Women's Mental Healt


As a Maternal Mental Health Coach, I help mothers who:

  • feel overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood

  • feel extremely lonely or unsupported in life

  • want to strengthen bond with their baby / secure attachment


“Ajita counselled me for my Postpartum Depression and as mothers we are very important members of our families so I highly recommend mothers to seek help for themselves too...I want to express my deepest gratitude to Ajitaji for bringing back sleep, happiness and peace in our lives.” 

—  Rennu P., Mumbai

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