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Sleep Right Program

Get the good night's
sleep you both need


Happy, Healthy, Rested Babies

Take a deep breath and imagine this for just a moment .......

It is sleep time - so you take your baby into the bedroom, put your baby down in bed and your baby falls asleep independently and stays asleep through the night or nap time. Isn't that lovely?

As a Professional Child Sleep Consultant, I will work with you to help you make this your reality. 

For 12 years now I have helped thousands of parents across India and internationally to teach their babies, toddlers, and young children to holistically develop the skill of falling asleep and staying asleep independently. My sleep solutions are developed and customized based on your child’s age, temperament, current sleep dependencies/habits, your parenting style, family considerations and goals.

Helping Babies to Fall Asleep - Child Sl
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Flexible, Tailor Made Plans

Things you need to know about the Sleep Right Program:

  • The Sleep Right Program is customized for your child.      Read More

  • Your success is my success!  I will support you to the extent you need through follow up emails or consultations (as per what your choice) to keep you motivated, and ensure you are following the program appropriately.

  • You don’t need a crib. So long as your sleeping arrangement is baby safe, I am happy. Read More

  • I need you to be 100% committed in following the step by step strategies suggested during the Consultation.

  • All Consultations are done via Audio / Video on Google Meet.

  • The picture on the left is me working with a client :-)

 More Questions?

Baby / Toddler 
Sleep Right Program

A customized Sleep Right Program based on your Baby  / Toddler's age (for babies 5 months or older), temperament, current sleep dependencies / habits, your parenting style, family considerations and goals.  I will always be there to support you through follow up consultations as required.

Sleep Right Program

For pre-natal mothers or for parents with babies up to 3 months of age), an interactive session to learn about newborn naps, how to easily calm a fussing or crying newborn, understanding your baby's sleepy cues, sleep schedules and feedings, decreasing need for sleep training later on, ​developing a healthy sleep routine, and more.

Add-On Sleep Right
Follow Up Programs

Add on Follow up Servics  are suitable for parents who have completed the Sleep Right Program and would like to have further guidance/ support in implementing the program,or who may have paused theirsleep training due to certain circumstances and would now like to restart but need the plan to be updated to make it more age and situation appropriate to their baby/toddler.


“With Ajita's reassuring and firm words of wisdom, we managed to bring about a very positive change. Ajita has been a source of encouragement, knowledge and guidance for us.” 


—  Preeti, Shimla

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