1.  Assessment of Initial Intake Form

I will email you a detailed questionnaire that will help you think through and share the structure of your daily interactions with your baby. This will help initiate our discussion on the day of the consultation and will help us use the time of our consultation constructively.

2.  Main Consultation (90 minutes)

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding and discussing the child’s current habits and schedules

  • Diagnosing problem areas and explaining how they are impacting the sleep.

  • Creating age appropriate sleep and activity schedules

  • Checking babys weight gain and activity levels

  • Discussing baby’s solids intake and milk intake

  • Create healthy feeding schedule

  • Discuss age appropriate bed time routine

  • Ensuring babys sleeping arrangement ie. Crib/co-sleeping/bed sharing etc. is safe and relaxing.

  • Developing step by step solutions to eliminate unhealthy sleep dependencies

  • Teaching baby skills to fall asleep independently.

  • Preparing parents for child’s reactions to changes around sleep time and how to handle the reactions in a loving and kind way.

  • Address middle of the night feeds and wake ups

  • Address other problems like Night terrors, sleep talking, sleep walking etc.

3. Customised Sleep Right Plan discussed during main consultation

Based on the discussion during the Main Consultation, I will create and discuss a customised Sleep Right Plan for your baby. This plan of action will be explained in detail to you during our main consultation. You will be writing down notes during the session. Recording of the sessions is strictly not allowed.

4.  1st Follow Up Session   (Duration:  30 - 45 mins)

The first follow up session is typically held 4-10 days after you start implementing the Sleep Right Plan with your child (i.e. following Step 3 above). When the follow up session is done is based on the changes advised and how quickly I believe it is best for us to meet again to check on progress made with the implentation of the Sleep Right Plan. This is a very important step as it helps us understand the progress of your child, ensures to make sure you continue to stay on track and helps to further finetune the action plan.

5.  2nd Follow Up Session  (Duration: 30 - 45 mins)

This follow up is typically done between 15-30 days from the date of the consultation (ie. the consultation period). At this follow up progress is looked into again. It is during this session that we discuss the future - what changes to make in your childs schedule as he is growing up, how to adjust milk/solids to continue to be age appropriate, handling sleep regressions, teething, illness, travel and other such issues.

6.  Email / WhatsApp support (30 days)

This is the backbone of success for many clients. The email/whatsapp support is offered so that concerns, questions or doubts can be addressed without waiting for the follow up session. Sometimes parents may just need a little encouragement or motivation while they are implementing the plan. Communicating and interacting through email / chat has made the difference between giving up and being total success for many of my parents. I will continue to be available and interact with you throughout the consultation period ie. 30 days post The Main Consultation (Step 3)

Sleep right PLAN
full package

(Babies AGED 5+ Months)

Rs. 10,000