1. Assessment of Initial Intake Form / Questionnaire

I will email you a detailed questionaire that will help you think through and share the structure of your daily interaction with your baby. That information will help me prepare for our detailed consultation on the date of our appointment.

2. Consultation (Duration: 60 - 90 minutes)

  • Evaluate the detailed Initial Intake Form.
  • Discuss baby's current sleep challenges and effective ways to resolve them.
  • How to create healthy sleep habits from infancy without rigorous sleep training.
  • How much sleep does your baby need.
  • Age appropriate schedules from birth till 4 months of age.
  • Anticipating and preparing for the 4th month sleep regression.
  • How to handle sleep resistance from babies.
  • What sleep changes to expect from babies between 4 months till 6 months of age in terms of scheduling and other changes.
  • Addressing any unique family related issues including involvement of grand-parents, maids / nannies, mother getting back to work etc.
  • Discussion on mum's emotional well being including recognising and understanding signs of Post-Partum Depression.

The New Baby Single Consultation Session does not include an emailed Sleep Right Plan or any Follow up sessions after the call. Those are available only with the Sleep Right Full Package).

You can choose to sign up for Add-On Follow up - A (see below) till your baby is 5 months of age for continued guidance.

New Baby Consultation
(Babies up to 4 Months)

Rs. 5,000