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Eat Right Program

A Healthy Child is a Happy Child


Healthy, Strong Children

Imagine this for a moment....

Your child is sitting at the table eagerly waiting for you to serve lunch. Both of you sit down to eat. Your child self-feeds which is why you are able to eat together. Both of you are laughing and talking to each other while eating the same home cooked food!

Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to be!

As a parent of two children and having worked as a Child Eating Habits Consultant for nearly 10 years now, I know that you want your fussy child to eat healthy, nutritious food and you take the effort to make that happen.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, dals, nuts – basically, the regular ghar ka khaana is fantastic for our children’s physical and mental growth.  What to feed your picky & fussy child has rarely been the Indian mother’s dilemma. But how to get your child to eat that food is the part that makes meal time stressful!

In these 10 years I have worked with hundreds of parents with extremely fussy eaters and successfully helped change their child’s perspective and relationship with food.

Food is a joy and a blessing, lets take the stress out of it! When the joy goes out of eating – Nutrition suffers!!

Picky Eater - How can I get my child to


Typical Child Behaviour Issues Clients Approach me With  

  • My son is a very fussy eater

  • My baby does not eat 

  • My son only drinks milk or eats only plain roti

  • My daughter is a picky eater

  • My baby doesn't like to eat

  • My child refuses to eat

  • Why does my son not eat?

Child Behaviour Eating Habits Coach, Ind


Flexible, Tailor Made, Plans

Things you need to know about the Eat Right Program:

  • The Eat Right Program is always customized to your child, his/her habits and specific situation, and family constraints. Read More

  • I will support you through the consultation period and keep you motivated and ensure you are following the program appropriately.

  • I need you to be 100% committed in following the step by step strategies suggested during the Consultation.

  • All Consultations are done via Audio / Video (WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Botim) sessions.

  • The picture on the left is me working with a client :-)

 More Questions?

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Eat Right Program & Package

A customized Eating Habits / Behaviour Improvement Plan for Fussy Eaters that is based on your child’s age, temperament, current dependencies/habits, your parenting style, family considerations and goals.  I will support you through the implementation during the consultation period.


Follow Up Consultations

Follow up Consultations  are suitable for parents who have completed the Eat Right Program and have subsequent issues with their picky eaters, or who may have paused their child food habits training, and would now like to restart but need the plan to be updated to make it more age and situation appropriate to their baby.


“When I felt demotivated I would write to Ajita and she has this super power where she gently encourages you and you feel fully charged to go on with the training ...whole-heartedly recommend her to all parents struggling with sleep, food, and discipline issues.” 

—  Sheena & Raj Gupta, Mumbai

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