1.  Assessment of Initial Intake Form

I will mail you a detailed questionaire that will help you think through the structure of your daily interaction with your baby...and that will be the basis upon which for me to prepare and guide the detailed consultation we will have in the next step.

2.  Main Consultation (approximately 90 minutes)

Topics covered and discussed in detail:

  • Understand and discuss your child’s current eating habits and schedules
  • Discuss your child’s general temperament and personality
  • Child's current weight gain, solids / milk intake, physical activity levels
  • Ensure sleep habits are not disturbing food habits
  • Discuss healthy eating habits and age-appropriate expectations
  • Diagnose and identify root causes of child's eating issues
  • Customize an effective strategy to solve the challenges
  • Understand how to handle child's resistance and protests to change
  • How to handle/eliminate distractions, screen time etc during meal times
  • Introducing age appropriate "self-feeding" concepts
  • Learning to handle temper tantrums around food and other times.

3. Customised Eat Right Plan will be discussed during the session.

During our discussion in the Main Consultation, I will discuss and decide a customised Eat Right Plan for your child. You will be required to take down notes during the session. Recording of the sessions is not allowed.

4.  1st Follow Up Session   (Duration:  30 - 45 mins)

The first follow up session is typically set up 14 days post the Main consultation (Step 3). This is an important session as it helps us understand the progress of your child in terms of his / her eating habits & behavior patterns, helps me ensure you are on track with progress and we can discuss how to further fine tune it.

5.  2nd Follow Up Session  (Duration: 30 - 45 mins)

This session is typically done between the 3rd and 4th week from the Main consultation.

At this follow up progress is looked into again. During this session that we discuss the future - what further changes you may need to make, changes in schedule as he is growing up, how to adjust milk/solids to continue to be age appropriate, handling any regressions or developmental milestones, teething, illness, travel and other such issues.

6.  Email / WhatsApp support (30 days)

This is the backbone of success for many clients. The email/whatsapp support is offered so that concerns, questions or doubts can be addressed without waiting for the follow up sessions. Sometimes parents may just need a little encouragement or motivation while they are implementing the plan. Communicating and interacting through email / chat has made the difference between giving up and being total success for many of my parents. I will continue to be available and interact with you for a period of 30 days post Step 3 and the sharing of the Customised Eating Habits Plan for your baby.

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Eat right Program
(15 Months - 7 yrs)

Rs. 10,000