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Ajita Gopal Seethepalli as featured in profile stories and baby product launch events

Ajita Seethepalli employs a combination of sleep strategies & techniques based on the child's personality and the preferences of the paretns to develop Customised Sleep Plans for her clients.

Lullaby Lady

“I didn't approach this as a profession. I've never advertised. Most parents come through someone's recommendation or after spotting my name on a Facebook or Mommy’s Group.”

 Mommy Lara Dutta Does a Diaper Test w/ Ajita

Lara Dutta, along with Baby Sleep Consultant, Ajita Gopal Seethepalli and model and mummy - Mandira Bedi - were a part of the launch of the product by Procter & Gamble.


"Children are not born to be fussy eaters and neither is it genetic, it is just a habit they develop over time....But like any unpleasant habit, this too can be corrected" says Ajita Seethepalli

Heartfelt Love Letter
From a Client For Ajita

"...Marvelous and miraculous once we started to implement Ajita's plan…God sent is what we would call Ajita…program was a lot easier than we thought…Talk to an Expert and Ajita is an Expert."

Make Sure You & Your Child Are Sleeping Well

"“It is important to understand why the child is not able to sleep well and then work on specifically addressing these causes"

Feeding fussy kids can be frustrating, but you needn’t be intimidated by the everyday challenge....Food is meant to be enjoyed. This, however, is totally missing in Fussy Eaters.

P&G Pampers Launch Event - Genelia d'Souze With Ajita

Ajita discusses "Happy Babies" along with Genelia D'Souza at the P&G Pampers launch event.

Teaching Kids
Healthy Eating Habits

 Mothers constantly worry about their children’s diet and eating habits... I often suggest to them that instead of asking/begging/pleading/threatening/bribing a child to try new foods, it is better to have them do a taste test.

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