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Certified Baby Sleep Consultant   
& Child Eating Habits Consultant 

Child Sleep Consultant, Mumbai, Delhi, I


Ajita Gopal Seethepalli

Certified Child Sleep & Food Habits Consultant and

Women's Mental Health Coach

Hi there! I am Ajita Seethepalli.  My career, since 2010, has been dedicated to helping parents with many of the same challenges I dealt with when my children were babies. This was not a career I planned but something that I have grown into and really enjoyed.  

Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to help thousands of parents across the world - Parents with children who struggle to sleep or who are fussy/picky eaters.  What I am particularly proud of, in addition to the heartfelt Love Letters I receive, is that most of my clients come to me through referrals. I don't know how my journey will grow further as my love for learning and helping people is still strong. It still continues to thrill me each time I see happy parents at the end of a consultation process :)

Helping Babies to Fall Asleep - Child Sl

Sleep Right Program

As a Baby Sleep Consultant, I coach parents on how to teach their babies to sleep well and independently.

Picky Eater - How can I get my child to

Eat Right Program

As a Food Habits Coach, I work with parents who have fussy / picky eaters and help them to learn how to get their child to establish healthy and independent eating habits.

Post Partum Depression Counselling, Mumb

Women's Counselling

As Women's Coach, I work with Mothers who are dealing with the Post Partum Depression.


Love Letters For Ajita

Sunetra & Gokul M

“Our son was always a very bad sleeper from birth. Lack of sleep made him clingy, cranky and crying all day long. All this started affecting me! Someone recommended Ajita to me on a Facebook mommy group...I couldn’t believe what a pleasure it became to put my son to sleep! I was in awe and disbelief watching him self-soothe and settle himself to sleep...I’m so thankful to have found Ajita and I cannot stop recommending her to anybody who needs help with their child’s sleep ☺"

Dr. Dhruti & Amit Chavan

“I would like to thank Ajita from the bottom of my heart. Ajita's support and expertise were remarkable and so worth it...we’re all so much happier and healthier and our daughter is just leagues better. She’s learning and growing and having so much fun.  Ajita you are a magician! Really appreciate all the help and guidance.  I recommend your consultation very highly and I wish I had done it sooner.”

The MacAskills

“A friend recommended Ajita and I dread to think where we'd be if she hadn't.  Ajita's kindness and her practical help and support made implementing good routines and settling habits much easier....our little one sleeps through the night from 7pm to 6am - something we could only have dreamed of when we started”

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