Nutritious food and adequate sleep are among the most important foundations for a healthy, happy child. 

Hi, my name is Ajita Gopal Seethepalli.  I am a Child Food Consultant and a Child Sleep ConsultantAs a Consultant,
I work with parents to develop 
customised child eating habits and child sleep solutions and then coach parents through the process to help solve their children's respective issues. 

Parents know what foods are good for their children and make the effort to offer it to them. Parents are also well aware that their children need to get ample sleep to be healthy and happy. However, many parents often find themselves at a loss on how to actually get their children to eat well or how to have them sleep without a fuss and through the night.  Good sleeping and eating habits are vital life skills. The good news is that children, even young babies, have the capacity to learn and can easily be taught to acquire these habits. 

As a Food Consultant, I help parents learn how to get their child to Easily eat good, nutritious food through the Eat Right Program) and, as a Sleep Consultant, I focus on child sleep solutions and coach parents on how to teach their babies or young children to sleep without any fuss while ensuring they and the rest of the family get adequate hours of Sleep through the Sleep Right Program).   

How can I make my child eat?

Do you find yourself asking this or other similar questions all the time? Are meal times a real struggle at your home? If you are concerned about your child’s eating habits then find out how the Eat Right Program can help you and your child.


"Every meal was a challenge....Meals are such a pleasant experience now.  Raghav sits down, eats what is on his plate by himself, and does not fuss....Thanks for the good advice!"  --  Bhavna, Delhi

"Thank you Ajita for sitting down with me to understand my daughter’s behaviour patterns and developing a plan to help her start eating better. I actually started seeing improvements within 2 days." -- Leena, Mumbai 

"After implementing your plan, in less than 2 weeks, he now eats every meal I put in front of him now.  Thank you very much and god bless!!" -- Supriya, Gurgaon 

Need help with your child's lack of sleep?

Does your baby not sleep through the night? Does he require your constant intervention to fall asleep in the middle of the night?  Is your sleep also suffering as a result? Then find out how the Sleep Right Program can help your child.


"He would wake up 4-5 times a night...He now sleeps on his own, in his bed, and throughout the night.  This is nothing short of a miracle. We are all sleeping at last."  -- Swati, Gurgaon

"Getting Rhea to change her sleep habits and patterns was not as difficult as we imagined it might be.  Thanks again for your help."   -- Aparna, Vashi

"Impressed about how you designed your strategies specifically for us keeping all our requirements in place...The best part is we saw positive results within the week! That was really a surprise!"  -- Roopa, Mumbai